Retail College was founded by Sanna van Hellemondt (VM specialist) and Wendy ter Wal (buying specialist) in 2012.

What does Retail College offer?


Educate and train professionals in retailing to generate additional profit for the company. Retail College offers an education that will provide the students/employees  with an in depth knowledge of the whole retailproces.

The education is based on the coherence of the 4 important retail disciplines:

  • marketing
  • styling
  • buying
  • visual merchandising.

The most important aspect of the education and training is to teach the students/employees  to understand the importance of the mutual coherence of the disciplines and the influence on profitability.

Distinctive power of education:

To understand and learn that the mutual coherence of the 4 disciplines is the key issue of our education and training. The 4 disciplines have to be inseparable and support the company’s concept. There has to be an intensive form of cross-fertilisation between the disciplines. The education and training are based on practical experiences.

The professors of Retail College do have many years of practicle retail experience in execution, education and training.

The student/new employee will learn to oversee the consequences of his or her acting within each one of the 4 disciplines for others.

For more information about the practical experience of Sanna and Wendy :