The Visual Merchandiser is a retail specialist who, together with the company’s professionals, will make the following analysis and, if necessary, will formulate targets and will help execute the concepts.

This will be done in several, possibly separate, phases:

Phase 1

A company analysis or orientation phase

  • The market and the position of the company/brand in that market
  • The commercial strategy and targets
  • The marketing strategy and targets
  • The concept of he company/brand

Phase 2

Analysis of the assortment

  • The assortments and the composition of the assortments
  • The product groups
  • The sub groups
  • The assortment of the most important competitors

Phase 3

Conceptual development

  • Division of the physical space (capacity plans,┬ámodular systems)
  • Lay-out plan
  • Routing
  • Final lay-out

Product and merchandise presentation

  • Principles
  • Visualisations/ planograms in cooperation with Shanna Kok and Visual Retailing
  • Rules
  • Handbook
  • Training of the staff

Phase 4

Implementation of the concepts

  • Follow-up